Dutch Apple Whores Can Rest Easy

A recent article published in the Netherlands this week writes about how regular purchases (food, fuel, entertainment, hair gel) are rising faster than commodities purchases less frequently (iPads, Red Trousers, Brown Shoes, and the like).

The rationale being that the cost of fuel and food products in the global market have also risen, thus everything at home has gone up in price. I’ve noticed this for years, partly because my previous employer (a US multinational) never increased salaries in line with inflation like most Dutch companies do, so I was seeing a regular erosion in my purchasing power over time.

However, this seems to be a Dutch phenomenon and not something we’ve noticed in, say, Germany, Belgium or Spain. There, the cost of food, fuel and entertainment are all much lower than in the Netherlands (I cannot attest to hair gel as I don’t use it myself). So I wonder if the boffins in the Dutch Central Statistics Office are aware of the fact that their governments Communistic approach to taxing the shit out of their population is resulting in a stagnating economy? Probably not…they’re civil servants whose salaries rise in-line with inflation, so they don’t really give a rats ass.

On a brighter note, Apple Whores in Holland can rest easy…their new iPad 3 won’t be that much more expensive as the prices of consumer electronics are rising slower over time.

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