Driving in Russia

I’ve lived and worked in the CIS region for many years. And with a recent business trip to Moscow, I had forgotten how truly reckless the Russians are behind the wheel. Whilst I still believe that the cost of driving lessons in the Netherlands is exorbitantly over-priced, the fact that they actually insist on driving lessons is far better than the game played in Russia. For the right price, you can easily “acquire” a driving licence with the bare minimum of instruction. Most Russian men are self taught…a father or older brother teach them the basics on how to “drive”, but the rules of the road never play a part in the basic instructions. And as with all young men in the world, their invincibility and love of speed result in the carnage in the video below. The one bit that amazed me was the bus driver 4:35 into the video who just juggernauts his way through the traffic without stopping.

Russian women on the other hand, seem to take a few lessons more, but once behind the wheel it’s all about the loud music and the make-up. They only use their mirrors to apply their “slap” when driving, and have no clue that they should use them when in traffic, changing lanes or parking.

One thought did cross my mind when I was watching the video above. Why are so many Russians driving around with cameras on their dashboard. The only idea that makes sense is that given how corrupt the police are, and how difficult the insurance companies tend to be the world over, it’s no doubt to prove they’re innocence when making or defending an insurance claim.

If you ever find yourself in Russia and you’re thinking of renting a car….DON’T!!

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