A profound message to live by

I have seen this before….I think it was being bandied about on the corporate email some years back. And whilst I appreciated the message then, I never really fully embraced it. Probably because I was a little younger, and less wise. The typical feeling of invincibility that is bequeathed to the young. However a friend of mine came across it and shared it with his friends and family, and I thought I would also share it with you.

In simple terms, the message is an easy one to understand….don’t take life for granted, get out and grab it with both hands and don’t sweat the little things. One interesting point is that in the clip at around 4:48, I have already started to grow nostalgic about the cost of living and children respecting their elders….and I’m not even in my mid 30′s yet. Hahaha.

Right, better get off my ass and go book those kite surfing lessons 🙂

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