Why I think Panda’s are dumb

I hate Panda’s. In fact, I have no idea why people are so in love with this idiot animals. I can understand WHY the WWF uses the image of a Panda as its corporate identity….what with their number declining and all that. But here’s the rub for me…..in every other case where a charity or organisation sets about to right the wrongs and bring back a species from the brink of extinction, they have been relatively successful. Of course, the species they’re dealing with really calls the shots on the likelihood of success or not. But with Panda’s, it’s quite a different story altogether.

They are, spending most of their time when they’re not eating, sleeping and chilling out. They typically have one cub every two years. Their diet is made up of 99% bamboo…which is so low in calorific content that when they’re not sleeping they are eating. And they must be the only animal on the planet that is not interested in sex. Millions of dollars have been spent trying to encourage these idiotic bears to copulate. Some zoos even resorted to showing them Panda porn to try and get them in the mood….sadly to no effect.

So why are we doing our level best to defeat Darwinism by sustaining a species which can’t be bothered? If an animal decides to go down the evolutionary route of specialising in the worst food you can eat (it’s not only highly toxic, but is a diminishing resource too), has not much of a libido and when successful only manages one off-spring every two years, then let Nature take its course and let it die-out. I’d much rather spend my efforts protecting the Bengal Tiger than a dumb Panda!

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