Hello world!

Welcome Everyone!!

You have no doubt probably stumbled upon my blog,  and for reading this far, I would like to say “Thank you”. As the title of the blog suggests, I am and Irishman currently living overseas…..The Netherlands to be precise.

The main purpose of this blog is for me to comment and express my opinions, observations and frustrations of life away from home. The intention is to keep it as light hearted as possible, but please forgive me if the occasional rant finds its way into the webosphere. Afterall, this is also an avenue to facilitate venting and letting off some pent up steam (to no-one in particular of course) in an effort to remain sane and avoid “herself” from beating me over the head with the various kitchen utensils she happens to be holding when I’m going off on one.

I can’t promise you anything, other than the occasional laugh, either in unison or despair, and of course the ability for you to lend your voice on my many mutterings.

Once again, welcome and enjoy